Michael Smith Reed

Senior Consultant

Having envisioned, planned, launched, and managed 15 ventures including 11 LLCs, three non-profit organizations, and one C-Corp, Michael enjoys bringing visions to life and managing the creation and execution of strategic plans. With a doctorate in operational management, extensive organizational experience, oversight of over 20 mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and a desire for creating inspired, employee-focused cultures, Michael has played a role in the evolution of business development in Northern Palm Beach County.

Earning an international reputation in the highly specialized field of perioperative spine care and being regarded as a forerunner in the concierge healthcare space were proud accomplishments for Michael. In 2011, his firm was purchased by the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), making national news as the first acquisition by HSS in their esteemed 150-year history. Appointed Director of HSS Florida, Michael collaborated on their executive team to establish a footprint for HSS in the Southeast.

In 2014, the North American Spine Society recruited Michael to launch the North American Spine Foundation where his team raised millions for Spine 10 x 25, a national initiative that was created by his group to address US spine disability and for which they successfully secured a congressional resolution (H.Res.432 in the 114th Congress). Michael has published 13 times in peer-reviewed journals (seven as lead author), chaired international seminars, provided over 170 podium presentations, and produced 19 educational videos. Learning, mentoring, and teaching are vital features of his professional pursuits.

In September of 2017, Michael was recruited to help envision, plan, launch, and “run the business” for Dakota Wealth Management LLC. He and his team opened the company together on May 1, 2018 and expanded it to include three subsidiaries, 14 offices operating in 11 states, and 65 employees managing $2.5 billion in individual assets. Their unique platform business model with a strong emphasis on operational excellence, inorganic growth, and an employee-centric culture garnered national attention. Those five years secured Michael’s reputation as a top performing operations and M&A specialist.

Michael now serves as a Senior Consultant for Smith Reed Partners, assisting entrepreneurs and aspiring professionals with M&A strategies, various business development needs, career changes, and exit planning. Leveraging his experiences in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, he provides clients with seasoned perspectives, organizational support, actionable tools, and knowledgeable inspiration. 
Outside of Michael’s professional endeavors, he enjoys spending time with his family, adventure traveling, and racing in endurance events such as marathons, ultramarathons, and ironman distance triathlons.